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Writing my Story

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

So, today I saw a coach and one of the homework pieces was to write my story. When I first heard this homework I was thinking I've been trying to write my story for years...but it's way to difficult. There's just too much. However, I thought i'll give it a go since time and space can allow for change. Maybe I can now? I, being an art therapist, thought I wouldn't simple write it out-but would draw it out. Afterwards I would add words. So after my session with the wonderful coach Charlotte, I set out to draw and write my life's story. In my head I had a date of when my story began. So I titled my work 2004. Then I went to the drawing process. Then in a way, chronologically beginning with 2004, I started to explore the key themes from that time. These are my drawings and this is my story.

To me each part of this drawing symbolises an aspect of that time in my life. Some challenges and some moments of hope. I titled this work 2004 -The Beginning Threads of my Story Unfolding... My key themes were being in an unhealthy relationship and falling unwell and landing in hospital.

Then, I went onto the year that felt important 2012. A significant year where i lost my Mum and other challenging things occurred. I drew this titled 2012-Exploring Grief. To me grief can have an overwhelming feeling that you're out of control with your emotions. This image captures the waves of emotions and the uncontrollable nature.

Lastly, I fell upon the year 2019. This marked a time of both getting unwell and also finding my true self and sense of agency. I called this last artwork Empowerment. So, through this process of writing/drawing my story, I found out what was significant. I was able to tell my story with a sense of closure and distance. I think time heals and i'm older and wiser.

Thank you for reading. Go gently and if you'd like to see more of my work visit me at @zevaarttherapy on Instagram

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