• Zeva

When life gives you Lemons...make Lemonade!

Life throws us rotten lemons at no no. That’s not the way to start Zeva. Try again.

There is an abundance of lemons that can taste sour alone but if you think outside the box you can not only make delicious lemonade but lemon cake and all thinks sweet!

It can feel horrible being dealt the cards of suffering and I’m sure a lot of you have felt this. In the midst of debilitating grief, trauma and hurt (in my experience) it’s hard at first to see the good essentially. The hope, the possibilities, the opportunities and the purpose.

The death of my dear Mum has been difficult and overwhelming grief had crippled me into many nights of crying and solitude. With time I’ve realized how close I feel to her and her belief in me has helped me develop confidence and take pride in what I’m doing with my life! In not only this experience but others I’ve come to know that what I’ve experienced can help others. That what I’ve gone through is a gift that I now must share with others. This is because I went through such a solitary and isolated period that I’m now seeing light as I edge out of my cocoon. Timing is everything. Patience and perseverance and keeping hope in difficult times.

Go gently,

Zeva x

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