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What have I learnt recently?

So much! Through the process of making art and reflecting upon it, I've learnt about the importance of being 'real'. Seeing things as they really are. The beautiful and the ugly. The comfortable and the discomfort. The order and neatness compared to the chaos and mess. So often the 'grass is greener' and I want what I don't have...or we try to be who we think we should. There becomes a level of 'fakeness' about who we choose to be and portray. I've certainly been there. Fake nails and glossy straight hair. Feeling the discomfort of not being my true authentic self. Eckhart Tolle speaks of the 'surface I' and the 'deeper I'. Recently, I've been connecting with the 'deeper I' that is the Universal I. We are all energy and universally rooted deep to this Earth. Mother Earth. We are more than the physical surface I who has lots of desires and needs. In this 'surface I' its easy to connect and give meaning to thoughts that arise. In the other way of being that is deeper, one can observe the thoughts and not be so emotionally pulled by them. In this way, this week, I have felt slightly more peaceful at finding a sense of detachment from my thoughts. Not believing every one at the drop of a hat or inviting a conversation with a particular thought. Just allowing them to be there. Or pass me by. I've been practicing an exercise called Leaves on the Stream by Dr Russ Harris (a version of this) where by simply you place your thoughts on leaves and allow them to drift on past down the stream. It's a mindfulness technique from ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) that allows the thoughts to be present yet pass by without giving them your full attention. I've been finding this practice so helpful in calming myself and allowing thoughts to come and go. You know I've learnt a lot recently. Some things from my own observations and from other people. A friend reflected something back to me in a conversation today. My dear friend said to me "you should be very proud of how well and sincerely you're doing with things in your life at the moment and moving through things". I guess it's important to hold yourself with gentleness. We are all learning how to be and live more authentically. I hope my musings may be a service to someone. I'm grateful for the company of art making and for this Blog that helps me reflect, share and grow. May I kindly ask what have you learnt recently?

Zeva x

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