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Turn Fear into Excitement-Reframing

So a pattern of mine is to say I'm scared or I'm nervous about such and such (interesting the way we talk to ourselves and others) but instead I'm trying to say I'm excited. This reframing is powerful and really tints the way you see the world and experience things. I'm about to embark on a potentially scary endeavour with a lot of risk (will it succeed or not). That of starting a creative business. On the other hand its exciting and makes me feel alive, happy and in the zone. I feel potential and curious and the only word for it is excited. I just had lunch with a beautiful friend whom I always come away with feeling inspired and creative. One thing she reminded me of is to start small and see how things go. One step at a time. Tick one thing off your list at a time. One thing will lead you into another. So this was just a gentle reminder to take a leap of faith. Do the hard work but be in flow. :)

The creative business I'm about to begin has been in my mind for a very long time. It is now opening into fruition. Art Therapy is a passion of mine and it's what I studied. I had the privilege to work as a trauma informed children's Art Therapist for over two years. I now work in mental health and am doing this on the side to begin with to nurture and grow the business. I'm well aware of my old patterns and the need to evolve and grow out of those in order to create the reality I desire. That I dream of. That I for so long have envisaged. In a way Art Therapy is a tool to help create change, grow and rewrite old beliefs and patterns.

I'm excited for the future and I hope you travel well.

Zeva x

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