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'The soul speaks its truth only under quiet, inviting, and trustworthy conditions.' – Parker Palmer

The soul needs quiet time to reflect and ruminate and needs to feel safe and welcomed. This is true for me. In friendships and relationships I need to feel I can wholeheartedly trust someone before opening up about personal things. The only remedy for this is relational and mutual sharing and understanding over time. There are those people who gain energy and feel refreshed when spending time alone and those who gain momentum from others. I've always cherished my alone time to truly hear my inner wisdom. This intuition gently speaks, with no agenda, so clearly in these times.

Today I was speaking about this blog and how it completely absorbs me whilst I'm attending to it. I feel in 'flow'. I feel excited and energised by writing. It gives me a platform to explore and discuss personal development and areas of interest. It gives me a focus with purpose and makes me feel fulfilled. In some ways it feels as though my soul speaks its truth here in this space.

I remember a dream I had for so many years of me becoming a writer. Sitting under a big old tree simply writing. There's something about the art of writing that makes me feel useful and confident. Something I don't feel this way in other areas of my life. In fact I've struggled with confidence and feelings of lack of worthiness, competency at times. So there's a coming home when I start to write. At times a divine intervention where I feel somewhat guided by something beyond myself or what I can easily explain. I also have had this same feeling whilst making art where I let go and the feel guided to make something or inspired. In my writing sometimes I just wait or 'pause' a few seconds between sentences and then a thought arises that leads me forward. Same in art making which reflects the reality of conversations we have with others. There may be a silence a break or pause. I feel like art making is a conversation with the materials im using. There is this ebb and flow, back and forth conversation of noticing, imagining and playfully making.

I invite you to think when was the last time your soul spoke to you truthfully?

Zeva x

Quiet time

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