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Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Today I started a Yoga challenge by Yoga with Adriene. The challenge is called Dedicate. Today I reflect on self-care or lack of it. How distant one can feel from their true self when denied nourishment and gentle soothing. So I thank myself for taking time to honour this practice of slowing down today. Adriene's Yoga YouTube channel is so good, she is funny and authentic in her style of teaching/being.

  • Why have I not been looking after myself fully?

  • In what ways can I look after myself (if you don't already)

  • Why is self-care so connected to self love?

  • What brought me to practice a little self-care today?

Slowing down for self-care

  • Why do I find it hard to de-stress and relax at times?

  • Why is paying attention to the inhale and exhale of the breath so important in self-care?

  • Allowing myself time to slow down and even just notice my breath-How does this change me?

  • Do I trust myself?

  • Can I make an intention for my wellbeing and stick to it? What will I need to commit to my health and wellbeing?

  • How does challenging myself give me more confidence?

  • Yoga is known to calm the nervous system. Even in day to day life can I feel my nervous system? When its heightened and when it's calm?

  • Do I deserve to be content? What is content to me?

  • Do I recognise I have choice? Choices are there to be made all the time!

  • Can I notice my body at different times? Noticing the quality of movement, the position of the spine, the weight of your limbs...notice it all.

  • Can I observe my breath as I inhale and how much it fills my diaphragm?

  • When I exhale do I completely let go?

  • What does surrendering mean to me?

  • What am I grateful for right now in this moment?


  1. Can you draw yourself floating on your back as you gently float in a river. With your face to the sky and not a care in the world. Now name rocks that are underwater with things you've been worried about. You can write a word for each rock. These can be seen through the clear water. This is an image you'll create of content and calm. As you float over the rocks but don't touch them. Leaving your worries behind. Focus on the size of each rock and worry. Focus on the colours you choose for your image. How do these make you feel?

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