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No bad emotion

  • Do I judge my emotions as good or bad?

  • WhenI feel a difficult emotion (anger, sadness...) does the emotion consume me?

  • How easy is it to regulate yourself after you feel any intense emotion?

  • What is this experience and emotion telling me? Is it that I need more self compassion, to slow down, to not avoid a situation, to change, to listen and trust myself more??

  • Where does this emotion begin in my body?

  • Where does it end?

  • Describe the emotion in sound, colour, vibration, any way you can to understand it?

  • Do you see yourself as both the observer and the person being observed? This is the ability to have detached self observation and perspective. Recognising and grounding yourself in moments of emotion and simply observing the emotions come and pass. Used in meditation practice as well with thoughts/emotions.

  • When I feel (anger, sadness, frustration...) it motivates me to act in what ways

Some things to notice in yourself:

  • Do you move fast or slow generally in your day to day life? How does this pace feel?

  • When you breathe can you feel the expansion of your diaphragm? When you exhale can you feel your shoulders relaxing and going down?

  • How do you talk to yourself? Kindly? What kind things do you say to yourself as though you were telling a friend?

  • Do you speak to your body and truly look at it? Thanking it and appreciating parts that support you.

  • Next time you feel a strong emotion can you intentionally breathe in how you'd like to feel. Then exhale the emotion out. Verbalising in your head "In Confidence. Out anger".


  1. I would like you to do a body scan (a few minutes) from head to feet. As you notice every body part say thank you to each part for some reason. Thank you stomach for holding so much emotion and for processing my food. Thank you feet for carrying me around all day and for grounding me at times.

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