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I love mornings always have! There’s something about the morning light that makes me feel hopeful and at peace. There’s something about opening the blinds and seeing nature outside that sparks possibilities. So when I woke this morning (after a good rest-with which I cherish) I felt calm and decided since it was such a beautiful still morning to go for a walk. As I was walking I felt an overwhelm of gratitude for the freshness of the air on my face, the trees beauty, the light shining down and the spaciousness that nature brings my inner world!

As I walked from nature to the city to sit and get a coffee. Noticing the different smells from car fuel to fresh bread being baked at the bakery. I realize how lucky I am to live close to parks so I can get my hit of nature and easy access to good coffee! As I walked I passed a man in the park who was intoxicated, talking very fast, agitated and asking me for money. In his face you could see desperation and I couldn’t help wonder how perhaps misunderstood this man was to me let alone the world. I acknowledged the man and hopeful gave him some sense of understanding. I said it sounds hard for you and I hope things improve. I just felt this deep compassion for him and for all those less fortunate. Yes we make choices in life but sometimes amidst turmoil our choices aren't the best but are a way of survival. People I’ve noticed (including myself at times) can be so quick to judge. I guess we never really know what someone else has gone through. So on this morning I feel grateful and humbled. Are you a morning person or night owl? What is it about these times of day that you enjoy?


Zeva x

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