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It’s the Small Things

Whilst getting a coffee this morning I got told your next ones free! I exclaimed ”That’s exciting” and she said “It’s the small things that count”. Then, a Paul Simon’s song Diamonds on the Souls of her Shoes started playing in the cafe. So in a voice that was joyous and a little croaky I sang along without a care. Not concerned with who was listening.

I didn’t get work today. I’m currently working as a casual relief teacher. I usually find out last minute if I have a job or not -stressful waiting for a call or text in the morning. Not knowing. But it got to a certain time and I had a choice to wallow or reevaluate my day and make it count. So that’s when I took myself to the cafe and then decided I’ll go for a walk afterwards. Yesterday I had a spontaneous catch up with a good friend. These catch ups often emerge as all day occasions which I love! But by the end of the day I was knackered. We had sat in the park as it was a beautiful sunny day. We ate snacks and a delicious lunch. And sitting there we talked, listened to Tracey Chapman and made art. There was a magic energy in the air. A special day. It started when my friend arrived holding a four leaf clover she’d found out the front of my house. She offered it to me as a gift. Pressed between cookbooks it sits now.

What to do with the rest of my day? I’m a bit unsure. Other than vacuuming the house what could I do that’s inspiring or creative or relaxing?? It was funny yesterday sitting in the park as I started searching for four leaf clovers. There was an inner desire to find one and I got fixated on the idea of it. My friend and I spoke about holding an openness to knowing it is there to find. I felt myself sit back slightly and release my obsession to find one. As I did let go, I yelled "I found one!" and as I stretched forward to pick it I could see it was two 3 leaf clovers tangled together. This experience reminded me of staying open and trusting that what I’m manifesting and hoping to bring into my life requires a delicate balance of noticing gently. Timing is everything. Im sitting here right in this moment with my little pastry and coffee, thinking how grateful I am to have this blog to embrace. As I sit here, as if I’m on holiday (which I'm not), I watch people heading to work. As the mundane everyday life unfolds. I overhear a woman talking about the weather and then asking the waitress "Is this slow for a Monday?". It makes me appreciate the everydayness of life -the ordinariness of everyday. And I think I don’t have to accomplish anything huge today and am allowed to just be. As people come and go busily around me I breathe into the gratefulness of my life. Yesterday we reflected on how lucky we are to live in Australia. Also, how to hold the gratefulness of this life with the compassion for those who are suffering and less fortunate. They can be both held. Like other dichotomies in life two things simultaneously held can say so much.

My morning Monday musings. Travel well

Zeva x


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