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I Love Journals

There are so many different types of journals out there to buy or you can even make your own. I love many styles/brands and have had many journals in my life. I have also got a journal on my computer Iv's been writing for over 12 years now. I love that a journal can fit into any bag and one of my favourite things is to sit in a cafe or park and write or draw. I usually take some travel watercolours and those brushes you can fill with water. My Mum was a journal lover and used to have dream diaries she'd write in the middle of the night. Dedication! I remember many beautiful covered journals laying around the house whilst growing up. There was always something mystical and magical about a space for you to write. A blank page was so inviting. Time to sit and be with the page and your thoughts and not distracted by others or technology.

As an over-thinker at times, a journal provides a contained space, to sift and explore thoughts. I love a journal full of drawings, poems and paintings. I like the freedom of going places with my journal, and being inspired by where I am or what I see, and can quickly reflect or capture something from that moment. It's so nice to sit down and look back over your journals.

Starting a new journal is exciting and for me not having too many rules around when or where to use it is important. They should be flexible and you want to use it when you get inspired. Although, saying that, it can be useful to start a challenge. I will write and reflect on the end of a day for 30 days straight. Or I will list three things I'm grateful for at the end of the day just before bed. It's up to you of course.

Journaling Ideas:

  • Take your journal to a cafe. Write or draw about someone at a different table. What do you notice is important or interesting? Imagine what their conversation is about?

  • Go to a park-draw something you observe. Remember to breathe and relax.

  • Write about how you feel as if you're your body is speaking.

  • Worried about something? Write out a list of your worries and schedule time to look at each one. When your time comes to sit with your worry. You write about how you feel about the situation. Come up with some solutions or questions to find the answers. You focus on one worry at a time.

  • Sit in park and write about all the sounds you hear. Then turn all those words into a poem.

  • If you can't silence your inner critic then write an interview style question and answer conversation between you and your inner critic. This is a good way to challenge that voice that can be so critical and sometimes never shuts up.

IC: (inner critic) So what is so good about you? I don't see much good about you?

Me: I'm doing the best I can at the moment. Life is not so black and white, good or bad. I'm learning in this life and I have some strengths!

  • Lists-lists are a great way to get organised. I love ticking stuff off when done. Make a list of things to do around the house. List gifts you can buy for people. List new art materials you desire. List big dreams. List friends and support people you have in your life. List things people have said that are encouraging towards you. (These are good to read on hard days) List places you want to visit. List activities and things you can do on your day off.

  • If you are having a hard time with someone in your life then write a letter from them to you. This may give you insight as to why the relationship is struggling or give some perspective into their life/issues.

  • Write about a positive memory. Write everything you remember the smells, the feelings, the sounds ...all the things!

  • Envision a future scenario-may be starting a new job, going on a date, starting a new exercise routine. Now visualise the event happening and write down everything that happens. How you feel in the moment. So instead of just closing your eyes and seeing it you're writing it out. Step by step. As you write it out then imagine the smell, the feeling of success or the feeling after a run. The more details the better.

Happy journaling.

Zeva x

Glorious journals and don't forget your pen!

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