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Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Why do I expect so much of myself?

  • Why is is hard sometimes to feel good enough?

  • Is it good to have some expectation of others? And if they don't meet the expectations is it okay to be upset?

  • How do I respond to pressure?

  • When things feel too much, do I stop and get in touch with the present moment? Practicing simple mindfulness?

  • Does society, parents, friends, relationships ask too much of us? Do we simply have a different version of the way to be and live in society than others?

  • What does a day off look like for you?

  • Do you fill it up with things to do? Are there more spacious things you do?

  • Does your perception of time change when you have time off compared to a work day?

  • Are you a goal setter?

  • What helps you achieve your goals?

  • How important is rest? What form does your rest/down time look like?

  • Do you celebrate small accomplishments in your life? Are these external (facial) or internal (congratulating and honouring yourself) rewards?


  1. Draw a very simple person figure. (Stick figure is fine or an outline). Now imagine a time recently where you felt pressured by an emotion, work, a situation or a person. Now name that pressure to yourself and draw it in the figure where you feel you felt it most in your body. It may be in the head as drawn with squiggling dark lines. Whatever yours looks like is fine. Next step is to draw the inhale of a breath and follow the line of breath as it goes in the mouth all the way until it meets your pressure in the figure you've drawn. Now notice in this activity if breathing helps relieve the pressure. This is a gentle visual reminder to breathe in these moments.

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