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At the end of the day

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

  • If my day had a title what would it be?

  • The best part of my day was...?

  • Did I learn anything new today?

  • Did I find out something new about myself today?

  • What could be improved for tomorrow?

  • The best moment from my day was...?

  • What made me stop and be grateful for?

  • Did I travel fast or slow today with my breathing?

  • Did I do something different than usual today?

  • Did someone make an impact in my day?

  • Did I meet anyone cool?

  • What made me laugh or smile today?

  • What intention can I whisper before bed for tomorrow?


  1. Can you draw an interaction you had with someone today in cartoon form. You may use stick figures or draw more complete people/characters. Why not use your imagination and turn the two of you into animals or objects. Now try to capture an emotion or what was good about that interaction. Was it the shared laughing and joy? Was it the realisation of something? Or a feeling of relief of being helped? you decided and have fun.

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