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Don't be Bored, Get Curious

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. —Ellen Parr

But Why?? Is the question kids utter all the time. I was sitting on my couch today after having had a good day and felt myself getting bored, frustrated and wondering what to do. Then I thought don't get bored get curious about something. It's the 'something' that provokes me to wonder where to find inspiration. I have to be honest I felt a little tired from using my phone too much today. The electronics sucked my energy...vampires.

  1. So my cure is first to stop and become mindful. What can you notice in your surroundings? Nature is a beautiful source of inspiration.

  2. Play music to shift the mood.

  3. Do something like read, write or do a self care activity (yoga, have a bath). There are so many lists of things to do on the internet to get ideas.

  4. Realise that boredom may be another emotion like feeling flat or anxious. So why not try some ACT mindfulness techniques of mediation (Leaves on the Stream is a favourite).

  5. Try writing down all the things your grateful for or things you've achieved in your life.

  6. Go for a walk.

  7. Connect with others.

Reflecting on my day: went walking, had a coffee, rode my bike to pick up a free hat someone was kindly giving away, been writing for this Blog, listening to music and a little cleaning...but somethings missing...connections with others. So I've decided to give someone a call for a chat.

Zeva x

Go for a walk in Nature

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