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Coming Home to Gratitude

Today i'm working from home due to doing some online training. We paused for a lunch break. I walked to the end of my street, where a lovely cafe resides. I bought a coffee and headed home. On my walk home, I had this intense realisation that I live in such a wonderful, convenient area of Melbourne. I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude-like I was experiencing it for the very first time. My eyes wide open and I could see things more clearly. I had this deep sense of gratitude for the good weather, the birds chirping, my body being able to walk to the shops, the money to buy a coffee, having a rewarding job and for my home.

Home is so important to me. As I know it is for many. In fact, having a roof over our heads is an important need for all. I'm aware as well that many struggle to have this in their lives. My heart goes out to all those who are homeless.

What is a home? When I was living in a an unhealthy relationship this was expressed in our home. It was untidy and dirty at times. Now, i'm free from that relationship and living in an environment that is calming, clean, is full of plants and is a sanctuary for me. It's something I take pride in and it makes me feel secure and peaceful.

How does one hold a sense of immense gratitude for their own life whilst also holding the inequality that exists in life. I think it comes down to what you do to help those in need. Some would argue it's who you vote for and your individual actions. I think as well understanding that homelessness can occur to anyone. Not to shame those who are homeless but help people. Listen to their individual stories and learn from them. There are a lot of underlying issues and it's a complex area to discuss. Sometimes an underfunded area and many vulnerabilities.

Being safe at home is so important. Being safe is so important. No matter where you are or where you reside. Once again just acknowledging the enormity of these topics.

A home can mean a future and can be the beginning or a base for starting work, school or whatever you're wanting. It's security. Its independence. It's where you should be surrounded by people who love you.

This leads me back to the title of this blog post-Gratitude. "The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness."-Google dictionary. I'm so grateful that I

have a space to call home. One amazing initiative in Melbourne is The Big Issue They are an independent, not-for-profit organisation helping to supporting and creating work opportunities for people experiencing homelessness, marginalisation and disadvantage. "Simply put, we help people help themselves"-from The big Issue website. You can buy their magazine, donate money or even your workplace can support them.

There are many other great initiatives. So return kindness is the moral of this story and practice gratitude daily!

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