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Back Yourself

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

  • How can I trust and relax when I'm feeling under the pump and stressed?

  • In what ways do I speak kindly to myself in moments of stress?

  • What do I tell myself when I'm scared?

  • What words to I utter in my head when I'm doubting myself?

  • What kind and encouraging words do I whisper to myself when I most need to hear them?

  • When the unknown is here how do you sit with not knowing the outcome?

  • How do you manage your stress in those unknown times?

  • In moments of stress what self-care and extra support do you give yourself?

  • Do you have a desire to succeed? What is it that you desire to bring into your life?

  • If you were to consciously decide to head into the direction of that desire where would you start?

  • What would you need to sacrifice?

  • Is there something you need to prioritise and start doing?

  • What kind words has someone said to you in encouragement?

  • What are some nice things you can say about your own achievements in life thus far?

In those challenging moments in life, listen to that little voice inside you that bravely calls, "You are more capable than you realise".


  1. I would like you to write out fifteen kind things about yourself. These may be strengths you have, things you've achieved, ways you are in the world. I am loving, I care about others...

Don't let self-doubt ruffle your feathers


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