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Asking for Help

Reaching out in moments you feel confused, stuck, isolated or needing help can bring up feelings of shame for people. Right? A feeling of inadequacy like you should be able to find a solution, fix this or shift the feeling. If you have tried to initially help yourself great. Then it's time to reach outward. Someone special once said to me if you need help reach out and if the person doesn't listen or can't help then you reach out to someone else. You keep trying. I've learnt that reaching out is so good. Reaching out to the right person or even a good blog or book can just allow for some perspective and new information/ideas. It could be the thing that helps or propels you in a new direction.

People are often more than happy to offer help or encouragement. Make you sure it feels good to you. Sometimes its just by talking that can help improve a situation. Or having someone simply listen. Sometimes framing the thing that you need help with and communicating that can actually help you come up with the answer/advice you so need yourself from yourself.

Ask and you shall receive is important to do. Asking a question and being patient and open to finding the answer is key. It can feel nerve wracking or anxious not knowing the answer or feeling stuck in something. Breathe through those moments. The answers will arrive time. The feelings of stress may be telling you something you need to hear. Try some affirmations: I will trust the answers will come. It's okay to ask for help. I am still a good person even though I don't know what to do right now. In time things will change. All is well. Things will improve.

I imagine my inner compass to be like a lighthouse. The way forward has a light heading in that direction. I just need to quieten down my thoughts, focus on my breathing so as to regulate myself and talk it through. Journaling is helpful too as a process of reflection.

Inner compass-trust yourself

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