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Ask and you shall Receive

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.”

— Maya Angelou

When I started writing this post I was thinking What is it I would ask for right now? Well a car, an Art Therapy space to work from and a small successful creative business, an outdoor sun lounge, less scared at times and maybe a trip to NZ.

Who would I ask for help? or importantly What are the questions to ask myself?

  • What will it take to get what I desire?

  • What are some steps to move toward getting what you want?

  • How is getting what you want going to change things? How will you feel when you have what you desire?

  • What is it you value about your desire? So for example for me a car represents freedom and adventures/fun.

  • Do you believe you can achieve your goals? EVEN if you don't know HOW to yet! The how will come later as you learn, meet people, take small steps towards your goal.

I think the point is that desires don't have to happen overnight. Putting in place small steps (goals) to achieve your goal will not only feel good at the end after achieving it but will help you get what you actually want.

Maintain and grow connections with others-Relationships are key. If I think back to most opportunities and rewarding experiences have come about through people I have connected with.

Don't give up.

Zeva x

Open Hands
Stay Open to Receiving

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