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Acceptance of Self

Acceptance of self "’s about owning our self-worth and loving ourselves, no matter what. No matter who comes and goes and how life unfolds. It’s about never abandoning ourselves, especially in our times of need. Acceptance doesn’t mean that we stop growing, it means that we seek from a place of wholeness (knowing that we’re already enough), rather than a place of lack." Kris Carr

For the first time in a long time, something didn't go to plan and instead of beating myself up, blaming myself, I backed myself. I said this is not all my fault and what happened in this situation needed compassion not criticism. In this way after the elusive event I was able to relax and feel empowered moving forward.

We are all uniquely imperfect and striving for perfectionism will never win. I have been there. For me it was me trying to look perfect and it was costly. Getting treatments and products for nails, hair, skin and more...As well as it taking up a lot of money and time, I always felt quite fake, uncomfortable and like I was hiding my true self. Someone once said to me "You're naturally beautiful"!!! This shook me because I hadn't heard that from someone in a long time and I did'nt believe that to be true. His next comment was "I know it but do you?". At the time no I didn't know it. Practice, practice and more practice is required at stripping back to simply being yourself. Breathing at first into the discomfort and staying present. I think if there is no one telling you you're beautiful just as you are-one needs to cultivate this themselves. As I write this I'm realising its a complicated topic. It's about your self-worth, core beliefs and the experiences you've had that have lead you to where you are today.

I imagine my self-worth to be like an anchor. It stays secure and grounded as the water rushes past. No matter who comes or goes into your life, including situations, your self-worth stays strong.

We all make mistakes in life and that's what helps us grow. They are opportunities to learn. I know about having made mistakes and then this leads to believing you're a bad person. This is so unhelpful and damaging. Accept we all make mistakes its part of being human. Be kinder to yourself. I'm telling myself this advice!

So instead of picking out every mistake, and every negative aspect of yourself, look for the positives. What have you achieved in your life? When did you have success? What is one positive attribute of yourself you like? Your sense of humour? Your eyes? This change of perspective will intern change your attitude to yourself.


Zeva x

Accept Yourself

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