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365 Days

So yesterday i bought a blank paged journal with each page numbered 1-365. I bought it from Kmart. I bought the journal not knowing quite yet what i would do every day of 2021. But i have the determination to try something and the drive to stick with it. They say it takes 66 days or 2 months approximately to form a habit. So i feel like I've got to pick a positive thing. But what? What is the most important thing that I want to accomplish in the new year? Here are some of my ideas:

  • Do a small act of kindness every day and write about it

  • Move everyday and draw a representation of what you did

  • Write a list of things i'm grateful for

  • Write a poem every day

  • Take a photograph every day and stick it in the journal

  • Make art each day for 10 minutes

  • Write a blog post each day

  • Write a novel a page at a time

  • Go for a half-hour walk every day for a year

  • Read 52 books–one a week–by reading every day for a year

  • Pick a favourite quote for every day ad write it in your journal

So after brainstorming some ideas where am i at? I've narrowed it down to three-a) Write a blog post every day or b)Do a small act of kindness every day and write about it or c) Write a list of what im grateful for each day. With writing a blog post each day i wonder what the journal would or could be used for? Maybe if i carry it around all day and take notes for my journal entry that i'll do in the evening. Hmm how to decide? Will i be able to think of different things to write about each day??? I'm not sure i will be...but im leaning towards this idea. Even if the post is short. Maybe i could take a quote as inspiration and write my thoughts on that. Or perhaps a concept? Or write about and learn more about art therapy. I could interview someone? So! There it is write a blog post every day. It really feels too ambitious and the journal seems a side act. Maybe i could write for example the key thought or quote on the journal page and photograph it-and use that as my image for the blog post? Well food for thought. Actually! every day seems too much. What about i work and research an idea for a week and set a goal to write once a week. That feels more doable. If i choose to write more then that's fine but stick to every Monday for example. That feels better and more achievable.

Are you considering or have tried doing a 365 days or 52 weeks project? Id love to hear about it. 2021 here you come. A chance for something new to begin.

I'll keep you posted,


365 Journal

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