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Updated: Jul 27, 2019

  • In my life, what does a feeling of spaciousness look like?

  • How will having more space make me feel?

  • What does spaciousness mean to me?

  • If spaciousness was an object or a place what or where would it be?

  • Where in my body do I need more space?

  • Do I need more space in an area of my life?

  • Not filling in every minute of my day gives me more space for?

  • At the moment I have no space in my life for?

  • As soon as I feel empty space I fill it with?

  • What would my ideal day look like?

  • What would I do if I could do anything?

  • What colour is spaciousness to me?

  • If I had more time I would do?

  • If I had more time I'd be doing less of?

  • What's stopping me from having more of a sense of spaciousness?

  • How will I bring more space into my life?

  • What am I grateful for about the moments in my day where I have nothing to do? What do these moments look like?


Draw out your day as a timeline. What are the important tasks you did? Notice the spaces in between tasks? This is a good tool to observe how much you do or don't do in a day. The space you have to unwind and where in the day things feel too crowded. Where could there be more spaciousness within this timeline. Title your day. Just a quick fun activity to draw out your day.

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