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Why write this blog?

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Hi to you if your reading this. I'm Zeva the writer of this blog i kindly ask and also the founder of Zeva Art Therapy. This blog has come about as I started a new hard covered journal recently, and noticed I was writing a lot of questions down. I was mapping and brainstorming many ideas and experiences. I was drawing out things. I thought why not share these on a space like this for others to maybe ask themselves and do. I also had been searching for my own writing prompts on the internet and in books. I am an ideas woman and seem to enjoy asking questions. I notice that as I write a question my mind fills in the answer. It is a reflective tool that seems to help me better understand what's going on for me internally. In this way, journaling helps me make sense of things. So I don't react emotionally but respond calmly (here's hoping) and with positive intent. So the way this will work? Each blog will have a theme and a series of questions and then there will be tasks. Always interested to have a conversation or hear feedback.

Thank you. Go gently.

Ze x

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