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Art Making & Journaling


Hello, I’m excited to share that I have developed a session called Art Making & Journaling: An Integrative Process. 

I'm inviting you to join me via Zoom or in person whilst I share this with you. You'll be guided to explore art making and also write about the process as we go in a seperate journal. It's an hour session with sharing at the end if you wish. It’s for those who feel blocked or stuck creatively and who want to develop their creativity. And it’s also for those people who see themselves as creatives already.

The process guides people to express themselves creatively in a safe, community space. The writing side of this workshop promotes curiosity and reflection. It invites you to notice what you are creating and write about it. Then also write compassionately to yourself reflecting on the art making and about things you have learnt in the process. 

Contact me if interested in doing this either by yourself or in a supportive group.

You will need:
• Art materials of your choice 
• A journal or piece of paper and pen 
• Computer for Zoom (if online)

It might be nice for you to have a cuppa too or we can have one in person.

If you are interested, please email me. I'm looking forward to connecting and excited to have you join me in this process.
Thank you,